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Wezard is the only app that focuses on Education while making it Fun and Social.Motivate and develop knowledge while having fun in a socially interactive manner. Flash Card and Timer

Flashcards and PomoDoro Timer has been scientifically proven to help learn faster and better.

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“Reimagined. A new way to Learn. While making it fun. ”


“As a teacher and mother I am thrilled that the children can interact with each other, I can also see the progress they make.”

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About WeZard

  • Quality – The question on Wezard are carefully crafted to help student study effectively and efficiently. Multiple choice questions are designed to get you through more questions in less time. Each Question is has associated notes that helps understand the concept further
  • Motivational – Positive reaffirmation through rewards and goals helps keeps the student motivated
  • Social – We are the only company that has actually incorporated social aspect with peers and acquaintances. Student can challenge each other to learn better. Questions are timed to make it more challenging
  • Fun – The platform tools are designed to help you maximize the benefits through different question and learning styles.

Download Our App

Currently the app is available for iPhones and iPad mini and other iPad Devices. We are working to get the application in Android

Wezard Features

Inspiring and Motivating a child's learning journey! Help kids in grades 6-8 to level up their educational skills. Collabiratively Learn. A safe place for children to interact while learning. We belive social learning is the best kind of learning.

Fun n Learn

Wezard is build with the guiding principle of having fun while learning. Members can challenge each others in one to one or group battles. They can chat through predefined messages and emojis. Through out journey, children are rewarded through coins and badges which can be used through out the app.

Loaded with different styles of question format

There are daily challenges, self challenges, audio questions, guess the word, Fun 'N' Learn, Trun 'N' False.

Friendly online support

We can be easily reached out at Drop us a beat!!!

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Ads free forever

No ads, no nags. We dont believe in ads to monetize our app. That means sharing data with other parties.

Quality and level

We ensure that all questions are reviewed by industry standard educators. The questions are intended for high IQ students. There are different levels of questions from Beginners to Experts

Infinite possibilites

At Wezard we are always exploring new ways for the children to learn. Our goal is to expand these platform to make children to not only learn but be effecient.

Our Work Process

Professional hosting at an affordable price. Distinctively recaptiualize principle-centered core competencies through client-centered core competencies.

Join through invitation

Ask your friend for an invitation code or drop us a beat for a referal code. Also, students can share referal code to earn points.


Mixed with different types of tools and a broad category of subjects, our questions will help students practice for exams as well as gain knowledge across various domains

Engage Socially and Contest

Users can initiate or join quiz battles created by another user. Quiz battles are timed and motivates the users to contest a group of users or 1 to 1.

Wezard Features

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Our Team

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Reimagining how to make learning effective among children. Incorporate quality information, different ways and categories to learn from , while making it challenging and fun .

We’re ourselves are learners and passionate about what we do, driven by our vision to help children achieve more.

Product Development

Permanence, Perseverance and Persistence                  

Education Philathropist

Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.

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Professional hosting at an affordable price. Distinctively recaptiualize principle-centered core competencies through client-centered core competencies.

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Drop us a note, we endeavour to answer all enquiries within 24 hours on business days.

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